Interview with The Riff Randells
By Richard Oliver

The Riff Randells are a fun loving rock ‘n’ roll trio crankin’ out garage punk and bubblegum pop in the grand tradition of the Ramones and The Runaways. We caught up with Anne-Marie (drums, vocals) and Kathy Camaro (guitar, vocals) and they were nice enough to answer a few questions for us and it went a little like this.

E.C.: Could you tell our readers your current line-up and how long you've been together?

Kathy: Hi Readers. Anne-Marie is the drummer, I'm the guitar player, and Justin is our temporary bass player. We've been a band since the summer of 1999, and Justin's been filling in since the end of 2001.

E.C.: Describe the average Riff Randells fan?

Kathy: I don't know. I think a lot of RR fans are into music that is about fun. They like to party.

Anne-Marie: Party animals.

E.C.: If you could play in any other band for just one show, what band would it be and why?

Kathy: The Shaggs circa the teen years because I like their style.

Anne-Marie: I'd play in Joan Jett & the Blackhearts right after the "I Love Rock N Roll" LP came out.

E.C.: What bands do you listen to when your alone?

Kathy: This changes all the time. Sometimes I go through weird phases where I'll listen to Willie Nelson non-stop for a few weeks, but right now I'm listening to a Josie Cotton mix-tape that a friend made for me. She's so good!

Anne-Marie: I go through phases too. Mosty oldies right now like the Exciters, Ike & Tina, Shangri-Las, Dixie Cups etc. I've also been listening to the first GG Allin & the Jabbers record every day. It's a masterpiece.

E.C.: Do you have a certain routine you go through before a show?

Kathy: I don't think so. I guess I just tune my guitar and check myself out in the mirror. Oh, and we always eat a big dinner before we get to the venue. Our routines are really boring.

Anne-Marie: I just do regular stuff like making sure my drums are set up ok, and get changed.

E.C.: What was the first album you remember purchasing?

Kathy: I guess the first one my mom bought for me was the Mini-pops, but on my own I think it was Wilson Phillips, the best rock and roll band of the 80s.

Anne-Marie: The first 2 albums I bought were Michael Jackson "Thriller" & Cyndi Lauper "She's So Unusual". Both are full of hits.

E.C.: Which Riff Randells record would you recommend to someone whose never heard your music?

Kathy: I like the way the How 'Bout Romance 7" sounds. Plus, I think it gives the listener an idea of what we're all about. (E.C.: You can get a copy of How ‘Bout Romance 7” at

E.C.: What plans are in the near future for the Riff Randells?

Kathy: We are trying to get to England this summer, and we really wanna tour to Japan someday after we write a wicked album!

Riff Randells Discography-

2000 Riff Randells - s/t 7"

2000 Who Says Girls Can't Rock - 7"

2001 How 'Bout Romance- 7"

2002 Riff Randells- s/t CD/EP

2002 Lethal Lipgloss - 10" EP

2003 Lethal Lipgloss- 7"

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